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Q & A
I'm sixteen and have been dancing ballet for approximately nine years. I have explored most styles of dance, ranging from lyrical to swing to tap. A few years ago I narrowed it down to exclusively ballet; although I am planning on taking a modern class once school starts back up.
This blog is intended to celebrate the beauty of ballet, and showcase ballerinas with exceptional technique.
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dancersdream said: Heyy. I've been dancing for a long time as well. Do you have any audition tips ? :) thanks jess xxx

Well, I can honestly say that I am not great with auditions, but there are a few things that help me a bit, and that I know you should do at an audition.
If you’re auditioning a dance that you’ve had time to practice outside of the studio, you should make sure that you know it well, and that it’s tailored to your abilities (if you’re allowed to change it). If there’s one thing I wish I would have done, it’s practice my dances more before my audition. Also, if you’re auditioning for more than one part and are changing your shoes in the room, keep your presence. I had an audition where one of my pieces was en pointe and the other was not; many other girls did the same, and we all were required to change our shoes in the room. We were told later that some made an impression and others did not, simply based upon if they flopped down on the floor and slouched, or if they sat down quickly and tied their shoes with grace.
When auditioning for a company, as you probably know, you’re in a room with many other girls who are all (most likely) about as good, technique-wise, as you. In this case, I just try to show my own spark, you know? It’s more about if you have good energy and stage presence.
And don’t forget to thank whoever is teaching the class, and also any adjudicators, even if no one else does.

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